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15 ارديبهشت 1397

Muhammad Shojaee

The occultation of Imam al-Mahdi(a

Despite how most of us think, the Occultation of Imam Mahdi (a) is not something that God has chosen for the people, rather, it's something that people have decided for themselves, and following this decision which is rooted in their collective spirit, God has ordered the continuation of the Occultation.

Otherwise, Imam Mahdi (a) said around a thousand years ago, that "If you have two qualities of loyalty (To Imam) and oneness (in your efforts to aid Imam) I will return in haste.

The most vital and important need of our super-intellectual aspect as human beings, is for us to be connected with the unseen, Imam Mahdi(a), and angels, and to fall in love with God.

Prayer for the Coming of our Infallible Imam, is a way which connects us to the unseen and to the Imam of our time.